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Jewelry Care:

To fully enjoy any fashion jewelry you must realize that fashion (costume) jewelry is not meant to last a lifetime. We strive to sell high quality and durable FUN fashion jewelry at very reasonable prices. So with proper care you will get a seasons wear and sometimes much more!


Here are some suggestions on long lasting wear of your jewelry:

a. Keep jewelry away from water, lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals

b. NEVER expose your jewelry to the ocean or pool water

c. When NOT wearing, gently wipe your jewelry with a dry cloth to remove excess oils. Keep in a tight jewelry box or pouch.


Do not use soap or jewelry cleaner to clean your costume jewelry. You may lightly rinse it under the sink with water & wipe away any excess until dry. Exposure to chemicals will cause your jewelry to tarnish. Therefore, we recommend accessorizing last to avoid your jewelry coming into contact with perfumes, body lotions or any alcohol based products.

You may also spray a coating of Clear Acrylic Gloss on the metals of your jewelry to help avoid tarnishing. You can purchase spray gloss from your local craft or hardware store.


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